Our Waste Broker department work with hundreds of service providers covering every postcode in the UK. Having the ability to work with so many service providers gives us the flexibility to negotiate the very best rates for our members without compromising on the all-important service element.

Service can be reduced during the winter months if required to ensure costs are kept to a bare minimum giving peace of mind that you are not paying for bins to be emptied when they are far from full.

Termination of existing contracts can often be a lengthy process. We will take care of the termination of your current service and set up of the new ensuring the switch is seamless.

Should you be happy with your current provider we can often switch you from your local price file to our national price file making instant savings. On average our savings for identical service stand at just over £450 per annum!

This is a category where savings can be made with very little time or effort. If you are unsure of your contractual status, please contact us and we will establish your end date and highlight savings where we can.

Contact the LTA Buying Group on [email protected] or call 0844 264 1612
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Washroom Services and Floorcare

From sanitary units to air fresheners, hand dryers to water managers your washrooms reflect the whole of your operation, poorly presented washrooms will seriously affect your customers’ experience. We only use the leading companies that provide expert washroom hygiene services and clinical waste management services throughout the UK. Fully serviced toilet hygiene solutions with average savings over 20% and rebates available for existing customers from some of our providers, it’s well worth contacting us before you roll in to a new term.

We also have preferred terms on a range of floor care including logo mats which creates a very professional first impression.

As with waste collection if you are unaware of your current contractual status please contact us, we can explore savings opportunities and establish expiry dates, taking care of termination and uplift of existing units to ensure a smooth transition whilst you concentrate on the day to day responsibilities.