Frequently Asked Questions

How much can our tennis club expect to save?

This will vary depending on how many categories you choose to utilise. We have a vast array of categories covered from utilities to beers, wines and spirits. Every club is different however we would expect to generate savings on average of 19% should the club engage with our Top 5 performing categories.

  1. Beers, Wines and Spirits
  2. Utilities
  3. Refuse Collection
  4. Washroom Services
  5. Catering Purchases
Does the LTA Buying Group control whom we purchase from?

No, you are under no obligation to use any LTA Buying Group preferred suppliers. Of course, the more you trade the more you save but we do not dictate. What you will find is that every supplier we align to has national coverage and is offering a price to the group that beats any stand alone price.  However it is your decision, you choose your suppliers; We provide you the savings and it is up to you if you choose to take on all or any of the recommendations.

How do I start to make savings?

The process begins at the outset as we will look to benchmark categories of expenditure prior to joining, report back the potential savings to make the decision an easy one.

Once all of your contract information is loaded in to Contracts-Manager it will prompt you at critical dates enabling us to go to market should you wish and look to attain more competitive arrangements.

How do I order and pay for my goods?

You keep your independence. With the exception of refuse collection where we hold a broker’s licence all ordering and payment of goods and services is done by the individual tennis club. All approved suppliers are informed of your inclusion by us immediately and apply discounts accordingly.

How much does it cost?

Market value for the service is £150 per year, however, this is free of charge for LTA Registered Venues and is a benefit of LTA Registration


Does the tennis club keep all the savings generated?

Absolutely! Our business is about making tennis clubs as many savings as possible.

What if I feel my pricing is already good?

We don’t doubt that you have already negotiated fantastic prices for your tennis club. Economies of scale are the reason we have been able to achieve such fantastic rates and services with our approved suppliers. These prices will become apparent during our initial chat. If you do feel you currently get the best prices, why not give us a call to make sure. It won't cost you anything!

What happens if I have a problem with any of the suppliers in the future?

If you have any concerns relating to either the pricing or service you receive from any LTA Buying Group approved supplier we would encourage you to contact the LTA Buying Group head office immediately. With a collective potential purchasing spend of over £50 million we do have leverage with suppliers which can benefit you in both price and service.

How does the LTA Buying Group generate revenue?

The LTA Buying Group pass on ALL of the savings established directly back to our members and receive a commission payment from the supplier. 

What if the service I need isn't featured?

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and explore potential solutions.

What contracts do we need to sign?

There are no contracts to sign and you are under no obligation to use our service at any point.