The LTA Energy Club ensures a holistic approach to utility management for golf clubs in the UK. Harmonising our members energy consumption across a number of sectors to ensure trusted, competitive, reliable solutions.

Read on and explore the full energy offer we have for your club...

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At the LTA Buying Group Energy Club our specialised internal energy broker team ensures that you are on the BEST energy rates for your club. We combine your energy usage with hundreds of other UK golf clubs to leverage the most competitive rates in the marketplace and in the process saving you hours of time spent managing energy suppliers.

We’ll advise you on all aspects of energy, including:

  • Which energy suppliers best suit your golf club, right now, both in terms of price and contract terms.
  • The ideal moment for your club to sign a new contract and what contract period suits you.
  • Harmonising contract end-dates GMG EC manages your energy account from start to finish.
  • We terminate and manage the transfer of your energy account, and if you wish to stay with the same supplier, we negotiate with them to ensure that your renewal price is competitive with the rest of the market.

We have over 10 years supporting clubs with their energy provision in all areas, gas, electric, water, utilities, solar, green energy, electric vehicle charging (EV) and more. During this time we have worked hard to forge great partnerships with all the leading enrgy providers and are able to share the benefits of this with all the golf course we work with.

We can secure rates up to 12 months prior to renewal date to if that applies get in touch and see what we can do for you.



A recent survey showed 87% of golf club managers felt they will need to install EV charge stations in the next 12 months confirming what we already know the electric car revolution is well on its way and golf clubs need to plan for this.

After over 12 months due diligence we bring you our turnkey solution for EV charging that is Scalable, Reliable and Affordable!
Whether it’s to provide a service for your members or ensure that visitors can travel and top up their battery to make your club a viable destination or simply to ensure your golf club enhances its green credentials now is the time to act.

We have a number of solutions to suit your golf club from fully funded models to purchase outright fully scalable and reliable solutions from some of the world’s leading providers.

5 reasons why you need to call us...

  • A new income stream
  • Numerous install options from fully funded to lease purchase
  • 5 year warranty, solutions that are fully serviced and guaranteed
  • Solar powered EV stations
  • Reduce the club's carbon footprint through 'carbon credits'

So get in touch now to discuss your club’s specific requirements we are confident we have the solution for you at exclusive GMG rates.


We also offer a full energy audit & proposal to facilitate any solution
To receive a full complimentary feasibility survey simply complete our contact form and we will be back in touch



Clean green energy, solar panels offer one of the simplest routes to saving money and improving your golf club’s green credentials. 

The solar industry has changed a lot over the past couple years. The cost of the technology has reduced by up to 40% in the past 2 years; the introduction of a new Smart Export Guarantee now allows you to get paid on any excess electricity that you export back to the grid; and the efficiency of the panels have significantly improved to provide more energy output per m2 of space.

  • Earn money from selling surplus energy back to the grid
  • Fully off-set installation costs
  • Reduced payback periods
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Future-proof your energy bills
  • Increase control over your own energy generation and storage
  • Join the growing solar community


Contact the LTA Buying Group on [email protected] or call 0844 264 1612
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