The LTA Energy Club ensures a holistic approach to utility management for tennis clubs in the UK. Whether its procurement of water, gas, electricity or solar installations the LTA Energy Club can provide the solution.

Our specialised internal energy team ensures that you are on the BEST energy rates for your club. Use The LTA Energy Club to manage your energy suppliers, and we’ll combine your energy usage with hundreds of other members when we negotiate rates. This results in greater buying power which means lower energy rates, and less time spent on managing energy suppliers.

We’ll advise you on all aspects of energy, including:

  • Which energy suppliers best suit your club, right now, both in terms of price and contract terms.
  • Which energy-efficient technology best suits your club.
  • The ideal moment for your club to sign a new contract and what contract period to go for.
  • Harmonising contract end-dates the LTA Energy Club manages your energy account from start to finish.
  • We terminate and manage the transfer of your energy account, and if you wish to stay with the same supplier, we negotiate with them to ensure that your renewal price is competitive with the rest of the market.

Solar Energy

The solar industry has changed a lot over the past couple years. The cost of the technology has reduced by up to 40% in the past 2 years; the introduction of a new Smart Export Guarantee now allows you to get paid on any excess electricity that you export back to the grid; and the efficiency of the panels have significantly improved to provide more energy output per m2 of roof space.

Contact the LTA Buying Group on [email protected] or telephone 0844 264 1612

Contact the LTA Buying Group on [email protected] or call 0844 264 1612
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